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Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Dog behavior training is essential for pets. Not only does it encourage good behavior, but it saves you from trouble in the long run. Below are the most frequently asked questions that we have come across. If you find that we haven’t addressed a question you have about dog training or anything else, please contact us.

Absolutely. Large and small dogs usually learn by the same principles of attention with motivating learning methods. 

Our training programs are easily tailored to the specific dog in front of us. The trainer can fine-tune training progressions to suit the needs of the smallest dogs. 

Just like learning a language takes practice, immersion helps the dog become fluent. After undergoing training for weeks, you will have a better relationship with your dog and be able to enjoy them that much more.

Yes, you can. Age itself doesn’t restrain learning in a canine, and we recommend dog training at all ages. If you have a puppy or a slightly mature dog, enlist for training sooner than later.

A lack of training often leads to bad habits for the pet parents and the dog. Early training usually sets your dog for success rather than trying to modify bad behavior.

For the first few months after training, it is vital that your dog wears the collar while attended so that you have the resources to correct unwanted behaviors. The collar should not be worn for more than 12-15 hours per day – it can be taken off when sleeping or crated. For more specific questions, please reach out to your trainer. 

Throughout the duration of training your trainer will be sending you daily updates with photos or videos for you to see and hear of their progress. If you have specific questions or concerns you’ll be able to reach them at any point via call, text, or email.

Certainly not! Dogs enjoy their time here immensely, however, there is no substitute for home. The bond between a dog and its family is unforgettable. Numerous canines who have completed our training program come back for alumni boarding and experience genuine excitement upon their return. While we do become an extended family for all our trainees, it is impossible to replace their own familial connections.

All board & train dogs will live and train in my home with my family and my dogs. Your dog will spend time in our training room, in our home living as a typical family dog, in our play yards, and on field trips being exposed to lots of different environments.

No, we don’t believe it’s ethical to guarantee an animal’s behavior. However, Ridgeside K9 can say that we’ve trained many dogs who have already been through professional training programs, and our training is their last stop. This is because not only do we train the dog, we educate the owners on how to maintain the training during turnovers. Ridgeside K9 also provide lifelong support.

Nope! Training can shape behavior, but it can’t alter personality. For instance, if your beloved canine companion is known for its playful and unconventional nature, it will remain an obedient, yet playful and unconventional, dog even after training. In the case of an insecure or fearful dog, while some of their nervous tendencies may persist post-training, they will gain a boost in confidence and develop enhanced coping mechanisms. Above all, through training, you will acquire the skills to guide and lead your dog, ensuring their sense of safety and security.

Dogs can and DO learn how to be obedience, calm, and well-behaved without sacrificing the unique personality traits that endear us to them!

These are the most frequently used tools at Ridgeside K9 New England:

  • prong collar
  • e-collar
  • crate
  • slip lead
  • place cot